How Useful Are Ovulation Calculators?

When you start trying for a baby, it is exciting! You might just stop being ‘careful’ and see what happens over the coming months with no thought about timing of sex. For some this is all it takes, but for many, a little more strategy is required – particularly as we get older. It is very normal to shift from being excited, to nervous and anxious if the months pass and you are not yet pregnant.  At this point most women will start searching for answers online, looking for tips that will give them the help they need. This can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating as there is so much conflicting information.

There is a lot information online around the timing of ovulation, leading you to ovulation calculators and predictors. There are so many available, and many women rely on these and think they are doing the right thing. What they don’t realise is that these are really just predicting (guessing!) your ovulation day, based on the info that you plug in, such as the day your period started, and how long your cycles are. Ovulation calculators  are generally calculating ovulation to be in the middle of your cycle, or 14 days before your period starts if you have longer cycles. They are predicting the day you ovulate only, and not factoring in the days that you are fertile before you ovulate.

In reality, menstrual cycles vary greatly from woman to woman, and even month to month for a lot of people. Cycles can vary from 21 to 35 days, with ovulation happening anywhere from day 8 to 25. We can be fertile 2-5 days before ovulation so it is helpful to factor this in to give yourself the best chance of conceiving. 

There is an ovulation predictor inside every woman that is more reliable and informative, and absolutely free! Secretions produced by the cervix at different stages in the menstrual cycle provide a simple, easy way to monitor your cycles and fertile times to allow you to time sex correctly for conception, increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

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Bex Henderson